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Marcial Arts 101 is a mix of art, design, courses, tips and tutorials for creatives and visual thinkers. Its mission is to teach universal icons through Crash Courses and encourage self-education after graduation.

MA101 appreciates world-class talent and people who master their crafts, so a little recognition is given to them through MA101 Awards, a collection of top notch works in the field of branding, marketing, user experience and interface design.

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Become the most valuable human and have the quick ability to understand and use new software, tools, apps and platforms through learning and stalking the profiles of these 101 universal icons. This scroll is your weapon in a fast changing world where new apps and software are launched everyday. Learning and understanding these universal icons is a must these days.

A collection of pen and ink artwork that is inspired from eastern and middle eastern culture.

A survival shirt for travellers in countries where english language is not widely spoken and understood. This contains all the basic needs of a traveller.ย 

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Corona puts everyone at home. The use of Social media hits all-time high. Should you miss this big opportunity not to be in social media platforms?


Physical stores were forced to shutdown. The only solution now is to create an online store or app. Let’s build it up by having a plan and design that is centered on human experience.ย 


Schools went online these days so having these crash courses is a must.ย 


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Anyone regarding of his nationality, race and religion can collaborate together and become successful on what they do. Win-win mindset comes from not having the time to compare the differences of one another and work together for a common goal.

Art has become a luxury to some, while others find comfort and healing in doing art. It has a lot of mental health benefits and could disconnect you for a while in a harsh reality of the world. Aside from an outlet of expression, art heals. Art is medicine.

The lockdown makes you think how lucky those people living in farms where natural food is abundant. Also let’s not forget how we got this Sh*** corona virus on the first place, it came from wild animals. This is the best time to eat plant-based foods or grow your food at your home instead. Should farms be limited only to rural areas? Why not let’s bring it to urban areas.