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Its all based on your WHY? About something that you really love and passionate about, your goal, your vision, your purpose in life or leaving a legacy. Finding your purpose and meaning in life is the hardest. It doesn’t happen overnight but rather it develops from your experiences, sometimes those experiences came from pain. Just like what they say, growth can be found out of our comfort zone. We can work together and make it more comfortable on your part to grow a social media account that reflects your brand, your vision, your goal, your legacy or your purpose in life. Let’s start it with these following steps below.

Social media marketing and branding process

Step 1 – Identify the problem or concern

The worldwide pandemic corona affected a lot of businesses and there’s a need to keep in touch with clients and potential customers. More people stay at home and there’s a need to use social media to have an online presence. This is the step where we can talk about the things you need and aim for your brand online. Don’t have the time to manage your social media? Let me handle it by using some proposed solution below.ย 

Step 2 – Proposed solution and brand development


If there’s already a brand name, then it is good, vision and mission or goal and objectives should be defined as well. Coming up with a good name is more important than having a good logo design of an ugly name that is not well thought of. The chosen brand name subconsciously influence and affects your business and the kind of potential customers and clients you’ll attract. That happens based on my personal experience, when I started to use the name “Marcial Arts”, I attracted clients in the field of sports, fitness, government, law and cyber security which is close to the real definition of the word “Marcial” which means military and security. The name that you’ll choose will affect everything about your future, so feel free to consult me about it. Look at how Jeff Bezos started his amazon logo with just a spray paint on the wall of his tiny room. Now amazon is as huge and big as the amazon rainforest which dominates the online shopping and e-commerce. So coming up with a well thought name is more important than having a good logo design with a name that doesn’t match the people or target market that you want to attract.

If you still don’t have a logo design for your brand name, feel free to have a free 1on1 consultation with me. For those who are interested to learn more about branding, I’ve offer FREE brandbook in photoshop file format which you may edit, need some help?, just contact me. Here’s the link of the FREE brandbook.

Step 3 – Plan content and platforms to be used


All proposed content will be discussed to you. These are some social media platforms based on how they act.

Twitterย – ideal for brands that want inform and give the latest news that is happening or trending worldwide.ย 

Instagramย – ideal for brands that are very visual, according to studies, photographs are more memorable than having just a bold quotes on a plain background; let’s face the fact that instagram logo came from a polaroid camera.
Facebookย – is becoming an e-commerce website and even introduces its own currency, ideal for brands that wanted to sell new or used items; also creating and joining a group there is becoming more popular.
Linkedinย – gives a professional appeal to your brand and could connect you to similar minded people or coworkers at your industry.
Youtubeย – ideal for brands that uses tutorials, vlogging, short films and music videos.
Snapchatย – if your target market is young and teens, this is very good for meetups.
Tiktokย – if your target market are teens, young adults and young at heart. The content tends to be short and it encourage loop videos with catchy soundtrack.

So which social media platforms you think is the best?ย 

Step 4 – Scheduling and Execution

Working days at the middle of the week like tuesday, wednesday and thursday have higher visibility rate because on weekends people tend to go out, but due to corona virus lately, I don’t think that’s the case anymore and more people are staying at home right now. Most profile pictures tends to be square or circle. Also the use of cover banners can differ on different forms of social media platforms but the design and content can be the same. Final designs that are approved by you will be uploaded and posted. There’s also things we can consider like buying instagram’s “promote ads” or using software like hootsuite to automatically post on a specific time and date schedule, so main concern is more focused towards creating quality content and engaging with inquiries whether good or bad.

Step 5 – Growth tracking

The only way to track progress is to see the numbers. Just like what they say, numbers don’t lie. The amount reached, profile views, interactions and inquiries from fans, stalkers, potential customers and existing clients is valuable to track the growth of your brand on social media. More than just the numbers, your social media content can remain forever due to a lot of web copycats and stalkers that will steal your public post. Your content remains forever worldwide and online and could be a good thing for leaving a legacy.

BONUS TIP – Creating a contest like mobile phone or tablet giveaway is one of the fastest way to gain followers and high profile views to your social media page. Having live videos is also effective for notifying your followers, better than just posting a normal video on instagram. There are a lot of creative ways for creating a good content, some would even go far by creating a big signage in front of their mall, which I got involved by producing their letters using a styrofoam material and a cnc machine. They launched a contest with huge prizes that shows their place and hashtag. The top 3 winners did received the price.

Launching a contest is an effective way to be seen.

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