How to beat corona? Go online.

This is the best time to build an app with an online store for your business. Corona knocks down businesses and there’s a need to put your business online where you can be seen worldwide. An app once downloaded in any app store can be used my millions of users and once it gain popularity, your business will soon rise. Most people these days can’t live without their phone. A mobile phone is worth everything from communication with your family, friends, co-workers, clients and by sending money, paying bills, monthly subscriptions and credit card interest rates. These days a lot of transactions seems to be happening online. Soon a mobile phone could even act as a wallet with the rise of digital currencies. Here are the process I follow in creating a well-designed app. It is all centered towards the human experience and how easy it is to be used. Here are the steps:

Ui UX - user interface and xperience design process

Step 1 – Identify the problem

The lockdown causes a lot of businesses operations to slow down or even shut down and there’s a need to go online because having a personal pc, laptop or mobile phone in your hands is safer than going to the actual stores, cashiers or self-service machines where viruses could be living and might go inside your body. Having an online store and presence is corona proof.

Step 2 - Proposed solution and prototype
Designing an app requires studying the apps that are similar and closest to the thing we aim for. The goal will always have a better and improved version of the apps that we took inspiration of. This is also the process where the app icon will be created and so a high resolution of your brand or logo is required. Doesn't have a logo yet? We'll talk about it. The overall look and feel will always be based on your existing brand guidelines if you've one or if not, it will be based from the existing social media account post that you had. The main goal to aim for is to develop an app that is easy to be used and understand by a normal human person and how easy he/she can have a successful transaction. This considers the fact that majority of users are right handed and how the important buttons should be reachable by the thumb finger.

Step 3 – Start of mobile screenshots published link for the developers to follow

There’s this amazing platform like Figma that shares ux ui designs smoothly between designers and developers. It has the complete details of the design from the type of font being used to the size and spacing of its buttons. Also the colors of the gradient used can be seen here, it is simply a must have tool that has the same functionality of the Sketch program. This is the stage where the content is finalized and all main and important screenshot pages will be published. The next stage are the feedback and further revisions.

Step 4 - Adjustments and final designs with FREE book as a gift
This is it, we are excited and very close in finishing the app. Further revisions on how it looks will be done on this stage. Also as a form of appreciation for trusting my service, a free book worth $39.99 will be given as a part of the service. The book contains 101 universal icons and its uses and origin. It is very helpful in understanding the meaning of the visual languages that we encounter everyday in the new apps and platforms. It is called the ui scroll profiles.

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