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Learning never stops at school and so does the need to start a custom crash course for your students, audiences or colleagues. These are visually engaging course that is very flexible in both social media and powerpoint presentation. Let’s start it by following these process below.

Custom crash course process


Step 1 – What’s the problem?

A lot of schools went online lately and the need for online presentation and eLearning courses rises. Ask yourself why you’ll need a custom crash course. Some reasons might be to inform, to connect to existing clients and potential customers, to educate, to sell and to continue learning, these are some possible reasons why you’ll need a customise crash course. Tell me your “why” and I’ll help you figure out the best crash course for your needs. As schools were going online lately, there’s a huge demand for eLearning courses and this could perfectly be used for your visuals. These are flexible and very informative like of an infographics. The use of solid, bold and cartoony style is designed to capture once’s attention. See below the next steps.

Step 2 - Proposed solution and content
Based on your "why", recommended content will be shared and discussed with you. I'll create a draft or structure of the course and it will be finalised once approved. Please see the image beside as a sample crash course, it has the link of the sample course. On this process we need to agree on the content and details of the certificate. Take note that these courses are usually in a box ratio size so it will be flexible on any screen sizes. Though its not recommended all the time, the use of mascot gives a warm and friendly vibe, also it catches once's attention.

Got a question? Let me know by clicking the "Let's talk" or "3301 3305" on the link below.


Step 3 – Approval and execution

Once we agreed on the content of the course, creation of it will start and you’ll receive the 1st set of designs for your approval. Here, we can adjust some minor tweaks and adjustments.


Majority of the characters that were used, are done in a vector file format so scaling it on any size will have no problem and it can maintain its crisp quality and prevent pixelated looking images. Some photographs for the background of course, are done in photoshop or similar programs. The size will be of a box ratio and these are the recommended sizes – 860×860 px to 1080×1080 px. See the final step below for more details.


Step 4 - Final crash course
At last! We're finally here on the last step. we've an elegant certificate that's customise for your brand. The certificate will be in a high resolution pdf file format that is ready to print. Also if you've plans of adding a digital signature, we can do it by adding a scan image, digital copy or image of your signature on a paper. Here we can customise the border, the seal and the content of course.

- Feel free to pick a vector mascot below as an added value for trusting my service. These mascots are not only IT gurus or specialist, they could also represent other corporate industries as well. Pick any of them and we'll include them on the course. They are friendly and warm, just perfect for giving life to a boring course. Each character has 10 poses which you can freely choose. So what are you waiting for. Let's get started.

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