Google Song by Anonymous

If you ever get stuck in a crashing PC
just tell yourself to calm down
and if you ever feel that it's hot and long been used
restart it with Alt F4.

Oh...To find out what your looking for
The best web browsers are firefox and chrome...

You can learn anything without asking me with google.
And I know you can do it, you just have to believe in yourself
and mess around with it. Learning is a constant thing too...
Oooh oo hoo hoo hooo hooo
oo hoo hoo hooo hoooo hoooo yeah yeah...

Verse 2:
If you're sitting and you're feeling that it's becoming slow
You may download a free avira.
And if you don't know where you can find it
Open any browsers then type it.

Repeat Bridge and Chorus

You'll always have an answer when you ask...
Google will never ever response with a blank...
You know...

Repeat Chorus